Friday, December 31, 2010


Have you been to our website lately? I am so excited we finally published a new splash page. Peter worked so hard at making the design come to life. I’m really proud of him, especially because he had to put up with all my demanding requests.
I was like:
      “Nope, that’s not how I had pictured it in my mind” “Can you tilt it more to the right?” “Ok never mind, what about to the left?” “Can we do squiggly writing?” “But I really wanted a Polaroid picture…” “What do you mean I can’t do that?” And the list went on and on, it was that awesome.

The goal was to create a very romantic feel to the page. It is inspired by one of my favorite movies of all times The Notebook (sorry didn’t read the book).  I think the page really showcases our work as well as our personality. The tags describe what we live by as well as what we strive for our image to reflect. The open book represents an initiation to write your own story and live by your rules, dare to dream.  The photos signify memories that will be treasured and forever embedded into our book. Are you rolling your eyes yet? What can I say, I love romance, cut me some slack.

We are currently working on our blog, so keep posted for the new design. If you haven’t seen our new splash page please do us a favor and take a look at it. I want to know you think about it, do you like it? Do you hate it? Is it cheesy? Leave a comment to let me know, we really appreciate the feedback.

Happy Friday

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