Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ruins of Jauja

After about 4 months here in Tepic we finally made it to the ruins of Jauja. This place would be awesome for a photo shoot! Both Kenya and I wish we could fold it up, put it in our suitcase, and bring it home with us. I would totally love to do a TTD session here. Maybe some day :) Anyways I only took my 180mm macro lens with me so there are no wide angle shots, but there is so much photographic possibility in just this one place. I hope to go back with a wide angle lens before we leave in two weeks and get some more photos. Hope you enjoy!


This place was a textile manfacturer in the 1800's owned by the Spaniards. The locals tell us that the natives that worked here finally had enough of being mistreated and not getting paid for their labor, so they revolted and burned it down.

Behind this wall on the left is where the Spaniards would torture and kill the workers that complained. Then they would throw the bodies into the river. Pretty gruesome.