Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 Put simply Vivi is Fabulous. She didn’t mind we had to change the day of her session due to the weather. She didn’t seem to mind we changed locations either. Peter and I had a plan for her session; hit all the cools spots in Lithia Park, but once there we changed our mind. I guess that’s what happens when you arrive early and have time to explore before the session. 

We found some cool buildings and bridges around town and we knew Vivi would totally rock them out. Because, really, we have the best Clients ever!

Thank you so much Vivi for making our day… Here is a little teaser.

Monday, November 29, 2010


The tempting aroma of scrumptious food lingered in the air. Our photo shoot had just started and my stomach was already twisting and turning hoping to get at least a taste of such food. The fragrance carried me through the session. As soon as it was over I was on a mission to find the place with the divine smell. Relying on our olfactory senses Keyla, Peter and I tracked it down.  It was coming from Sesame Asian Kitchen, a picturesque restaurant across the street from Lithia Park. After a hard day’s work we sat down together to enjoy a fabulous meal.
 I know I said it before but it’s worth repeating. Ashland is my favorite little town. ever. It almost feels like stepping into a whole different world. The charming buildings provide amazing photo opportunities. If you are thinking of getting portraits done, I’m telling you right now, Ashland is THE place to go. 
Here are some photos from our totally epic adventure.


don't even ask, we are just weird

good beer and good food and...

... amazing dessert. Love the mochis

apparently I'm not the only one                                                              

Peter trying out Keyla's favorite pose...way hot 

yes, I actually wear that hat in public, oh, I'm hopeless

my husband needs help...


it takes two to tango...
...unless you're Peter

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kisses + Disses: Abusive wives + Black Friday

There we were lying in bed cuddling and laughing and enjoying a lazy morning.

Baby, he says, you are the love of my life…

Isn't he sweet?

 So I turned around to face him and elbowed him right on the lip. Needles to say the moment was gone. Yes I am a horrible wife, but I promise it was an accident. He, of course didn’t believe me. Which leads to an episode of kisses and disses.

* Wives that give their husbands fat lips
* My mother, it’s her fault I’m so uncoordinated
* Having to work on black Friday

* Peter for being so forgiving
* Ice and its anti-inflammatory properties

Monday, November 22, 2010


I’m on the phone with my mom, she wants us to come over for dinner on Sunday. What are you making?, I ask casually, trying to decide if Peter will be up for the challenge. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is a wonderful cook, in fact, I think she makes the best. Mexican food. ever. That is where the problem starts.

Tacos de lengua She proudly replies. I try to explain to her that as appetizing as tongue tacos sound they are far from being Peter’s favorites. She gasps in disbelief. And I swear she almost disowned me right there and then.

But I seen him eat them, he loves them, She replies

Uhmm..There was no choice. That’s all there was to eat, I tell her.

Well we also had carne asada tacos, she says in an obviously annoyed tone

After that I simply let it go, because I just couldn’t break her heart.


To prove how manly Peter is, here is a picture of him "eating" dirt tacos in Mexico

Friday, November 19, 2010


My alarm clock rings. I squeeze my eyes shut and think to myself five more minutes. I try to move and realize every part of my body hurts. It’s feels like I took a bad beating. My mind races and tries to remember what happened.

Then it clicks in, Peter… I blame him completely for it… For the past few weeks I had been whining about the little belly rolls that kept growing at light speed. The lack of energy due to lack of exercise and the complaints went on and on.  He finally got tired of it and practically dragged me to our “exercise room” a.k.a our office were a dusty and lonely set of weights sits.  We bench pressed and I was so disappointed to realize I could only bench press the bar. oh so pathetic. To make things worse I could only do three sets! The next day Peter decided we would do squats, again, I failed miserably. My legs burned and after one set I was done.  In an attempt to make me feel better Peter said wait until tomorrow then you will feel it.

Which takes me to this morning, oh boy was he right. I did feel it, I am sore everywhere.  What keeps me going is daydreams of a six pack peeking through my bikini at the beach. Quick! I need an excuse to avoid tonight’s session.

Happy Friday

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Engagement : Jennifer + Adam

They met at work, but it wasn’t yet the right time for their love to flourish. He liked her, so he wrote her a heartfelt note. She on other side was not so sure. As they came to be better acquainted, inevitably the sparks flied. Maybe it’s her goofy personality, or the way she dances to a tune all of her own that made Adam completely smitten by Jennifer.  And judging by the way she looks at him, she feels the same exact way.

They walked together through the park looking so in love. Hearing them laugh made you want to be included in their secret joke, and their private world.

Their love is so infectious...Peter and I are beyond thrilled to be shooting their wedding next June.