Monday, November 22, 2010


I’m on the phone with my mom, she wants us to come over for dinner on Sunday. What are you making?, I ask casually, trying to decide if Peter will be up for the challenge. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is a wonderful cook, in fact, I think she makes the best. Mexican food. ever. That is where the problem starts.

Tacos de lengua She proudly replies. I try to explain to her that as appetizing as tongue tacos sound they are far from being Peter’s favorites. She gasps in disbelief. And I swear she almost disowned me right there and then.

But I seen him eat them, he loves them, She replies

Uhmm..There was no choice. That’s all there was to eat, I tell her.

Well we also had carne asada tacos, she says in an obviously annoyed tone

After that I simply let it go, because I just couldn’t break her heart.


To prove how manly Peter is, here is a picture of him "eating" dirt tacos in Mexico

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