Friday, November 19, 2010


My alarm clock rings. I squeeze my eyes shut and think to myself five more minutes. I try to move and realize every part of my body hurts. It’s feels like I took a bad beating. My mind races and tries to remember what happened.

Then it clicks in, Peter… I blame him completely for it… For the past few weeks I had been whining about the little belly rolls that kept growing at light speed. The lack of energy due to lack of exercise and the complaints went on and on.  He finally got tired of it and practically dragged me to our “exercise room” a.k.a our office were a dusty and lonely set of weights sits.  We bench pressed and I was so disappointed to realize I could only bench press the bar. oh so pathetic. To make things worse I could only do three sets! The next day Peter decided we would do squats, again, I failed miserably. My legs burned and after one set I was done.  In an attempt to make me feel better Peter said wait until tomorrow then you will feel it.

Which takes me to this morning, oh boy was he right. I did feel it, I am sore everywhere.  What keeps me going is daydreams of a six pack peeking through my bikini at the beach. Quick! I need an excuse to avoid tonight’s session.

Happy Friday

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