Friday, July 8, 2011

Rock'n R Ranch Wedding: Krystle & Ryan

There are few times in life when one can say they were completely and absolutely happy. Saturday was one of such days for Krystle and Ryan. As she picked up the bouquet that her mother had carefully and lovingly crafted for her, she smiled. The kind of smile that makes any onlooker smile in return. The kind of smile that makes Ryan's heart melt with adoration. That smile never left their faces. They beamed the whole night. And why wouldn't they? It was their night, the night that marked the beganing of a life time of happiness.

Krystle & Ryan, we hope that the happiness and joy of your wedding day sets the stage for your life together. It was a true honor to document your love ... Aloha! Since you are in Hawaii I just had to through that in there. We hope you are sitting on beach watching the sunset and fondly reminiscing your perfect wedding day.

Kenya & Peter

I love Ryan's reaction to the first look..

what a stunning couple!

First dance with music provided by Justin from Sights and Sounds unlimited

To see more of Krystle & Ryan's wedding see slide show below:

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