Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BEHIND THE LENS - Photography

So Peter and I have been in need of getting our own portraits done, mostly because I want to have our picture in the “Behind the Lens” page. You see, I want people to read through our blog and feel like they know us and they can relate to us.

The difficult thing is finding the time in the middle of chaos. Senior sessions and wedding consultations are in full swing, which leaves us with very little spare time.  Sunday we took our cameras to my parents’ house to teach my sister a little something something about photography.  And then I batted my pretty eyelashes and asked them to take a couple photos of Peter and me. 
You know, so they could practice of course…

Hopefully some day in the near future we will get some professionally done, but for now this will do.

Here is the face of a boy that just realized girls would be playing with his camera for the day!

 Peter is so quick making friends, this cute little donkey followed him everywhere...

Medford wedding photographer

Monday, September 27, 2010


A few months ago Peter surprised me with a new camera bag. Isn’t he sweet?  It was a red B-hobo Kelly Moore Camera bag made by photographers for photographers. Love at first sight! It’s so bold and stylish, I must admit the reason I like it so much is because I think it makes me look cool Shallow perhaps but at least I’m being honest.

 I like all the padding in it too; it keeps my equipment well protected. And although it’s not very spacious, it works good for me. I usually only carry a camera body, two lenses and a speed light, which fit perfectly in the compartments. There are also plenty of pockets for batteries, memory cards, cell phone, keys, lip gloss etc.  
The only thing I would change in this bag is the magnetic snaps, they are designed for quick access but I find that they just don’t stay shut. It does have a zipper-closure and I prefer that much better.

Over all it I think it’s an awesome camera bag. And it totally works for me. Peter did an amazing job choosing it, so he gets extra kisses tonight J


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kisses & Disses: Chocolate + fuzzy socks

I must confess I have issues. I NEED help… Seriously, who stuffs their mouth with so much chocolate they feel sick? But I have Peter to blame for all of this. He should have stopped me, he should have known better than to let me buy all those chocolates.

 It all started Saturday afternoon while grocery shopping. I came across this big pile of candy, but not just any candy it was CHOCOLATE! And just like that I lost sight of everything else; there I was, standing in the middle of an isle drooling over chocolate. Oh internet, I wish I was kidding. But I’m not.

Quickly I grabbed a bag and gave Peter the puppy look. YES, I did! You know what he said?

“Ok, I but don’t want to  hear it when you breakout and feel depressed about it”

So I brought the chocolate home, waited for him to go away and stuffed my self with it.  So now I’m sitting here writing this blog, feeling sorry for myself and wishing I wasn’t breaking out so bad :(

Which leads to a round of kisses + disses:

This week’s Disses go to…

      - Husbands that let you buy tons of chocolates
 - Chocolate that makes your tummy hurt
  - Girls that obviously have no self control

 This week’s KISSES go to…

       * Abuelita hot chocolate
 * Warm fuzzy socks
     * Acne spot treatments

Have you heard of that fun size chocolate? Well I have news for you:  it really ain't that fun after all!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Personal: Doubts

“Will the day ever come when I don’t feel my stomach flip before a shoot?” I wondered as I grabbed my camera bag and quickly ran out the door. It was all too familiar, the nerves, feeling sick to my stomach and wondering if I was cut out for the job. It happens every time.  My mind plays tricks on me and I feel inadequate, insecure, and vulnerable.  I pray and I hope that people can’t see right through me and figure out that I too have doubts…

But then I lift my camera up and as I snap my first photo, I feel empowered. It is my responsibility to record a memory. It is my mission to make a statement… And I believe that the fact that I am scared beyond belief makes the final product that much better.  It helps me push my self harder than I thought possible.  And realize that even when you think you know it all you really don’t know anything at all.

I don’t know if those feeling will ever go away… and now that I think about it, maybe its best that they don’t.  But just in case they do, I want to document how I feel at this moment, as I reminder of who I am and our humble beginning.  I am truly grateful for our awesome clients. I really believe we have the best clients… ever!


Saturday, September 18, 2010


IT'S FINALLY HERE! Our only sale of the year is this week!

If you are planning to have us shoot your session- THIS WEEK IS IT.  Peter and I are going all out!

Call and book a consultation this week and get 25% off your session. We have the 2-hour session @ $109 (regular price $145) and the 1-hour session @ $71 (regulars price $95). As always sessions are covered by both Peter and I.

Plus here is a list of more of the perks:

With all the perks we are expecting to pack the books! So act quick or you might miss out FOREVER!!!

Thank you very much to ALL of our Senior Reps you guys are AWESOME!
HVHS – Brittany Farley, Ashley & Gabrielle Pendleton
GPHS – Danielle Beggs & Kady Pollard
NVH – Keyla Avila & Nancy Miramentes

If you see them around go ahead and ask them for a rep card and get 8 free wallets with your session.

So this is it! Do NOT miss out!
1 week
2 options
1 chance

And, p.s if you are joining this group send an invite to all your friends too! And help us out :)

Thanks a tons
Peter & Kenya

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gabrielle & Ashley : HVHS Senior Reps

“Oh no it’s sprinkling” I told Peter as I reluctantly stepped away from the window.  Great! Our shoot was in an hour and the weather wasn’t helping. I had been watching the dark clouds in the sky all day, hoping for nice diffused light and no rain. Was it too much to ask? All I wanted was a warm cloudy afternoon, and no rain. But now the rain was threatening to ruin our photo session.  Sooner than later the rain was gone and what I had hoped for became a reality.  We had perfect light…

Once at the Pendleton’s house we were greeted by an excited tail. It was their adorable dog and right behind it were the girls, both Ashley and Gabrielle, dressed in gorgeous summer dresses and barefoot… There was a softness and innocence about them…a kind of beauty I just don’t have words to describe.The perfect subjects…

The perfect light, the perfect subjects and the perfect locations…It is incredible what determination can do for you. Ashley and Gabrielle went around the neighborhood and found some super cool locations for their senior pictures. They asked the neighbors for permission and ta-da they had picture perfect settings.

We had oodles of fun and the rest is history.

The perfect light, the perfect location and twice as perfect subjects…

Stay Fabulous- K~B

This is Ashley...

Got it? Let's review...

Throughout the session while we photographed one girl the other one ran to change her outfit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Danielle: GPHS Senior Rep

The sunshine was illuminating her gorgeous blonde hair, she looked absolutely stunning. I was secretly jealous, why couldn’t I look like that when I was in high school?  I picked up my camera and looked through the view finder, there was Danielle her face filled my screen and as I pushed the shutter button her images was embedded into my memory card. One look at the photo I had just created and I was hooked. I needed more…  And suddenly two hours was just not enough…  I wanted to capture everything, her femininity, her softness, her essence… Luckily Danielle was well prepared for it, she brought enough changes of cloth to keep me guessing and wanting more. Her mom patiently followed us around carrying all sort of pants, shirts and dresses. Silently observing her oldest child record a momentum of her life.
One look at the photo and I was hooked. Her posing was just incredible every pose she made her own putting attitude and personality into it. Click, click, and click every frame perfect. It was like photographer’s candy land.  Danielle and Kimberly  THANK YOU so much for such a fun time.

Here is what Peter had to do to get the picture above....

awww this is so sweet Danielle and her mom... They look so much alike!

Here's one of our favorites with Danielle her boyfriend Zack...we just love the look on her face :)

Here is my angle....

And Peter's angle...

Medford High school senior photographers