Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BEHIND THE LENS - Photography

So Peter and I have been in need of getting our own portraits done, mostly because I want to have our picture in the “Behind the Lens” page. You see, I want people to read through our blog and feel like they know us and they can relate to us.

The difficult thing is finding the time in the middle of chaos. Senior sessions and wedding consultations are in full swing, which leaves us with very little spare time.  Sunday we took our cameras to my parents’ house to teach my sister a little something something about photography.  And then I batted my pretty eyelashes and asked them to take a couple photos of Peter and me. 
You know, so they could practice of course…

Hopefully some day in the near future we will get some professionally done, but for now this will do.

Here is the face of a boy that just realized girls would be playing with his camera for the day!

 Peter is so quick making friends, this cute little donkey followed him everywhere...

Medford wedding photographer

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