Monday, September 13, 2010

Bringing Home Our New Baby : Photography

Yes, I know it sounds kind of lame but Peter and I have a new addition to our lens family. It’s the 35mm f 1.4L lens and we love it! Now I am not the one to recommend lenses or do the whole tech talk (I will leave that to Peter for a future post). And this is only my opinion and personal preference.  
 I have suddenly fallen in love with prime lenses and doubt I will ever go back to shooting with zooms.

Here is why:
a)      ** The vibrancy of the colors is out this world
b)     **The image quality/ contrast is amazing
c)      ** They are so light weight and easy to handle
d)      ** I am able to shoot at much lower ISO
e)        ** They are simply the BEST

Happy Monday!

like a proud mama I had to take a picture of my baby

Peter and I were so happy with our new acquisition we had to go out and celebrate!

Plus we got a $40 discount on the lens for driving up to Eugene to get it

It was just enough for a little extra...

yes, internet, I look like a dork

But at least Peter still likes me

Maybe because neither of us is that cool anyways...

Eugene wedding photographers

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