Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Danielle: GPHS Senior Rep

The sunshine was illuminating her gorgeous blonde hair, she looked absolutely stunning. I was secretly jealous, why couldn’t I look like that when I was in high school?  I picked up my camera and looked through the view finder, there was Danielle her face filled my screen and as I pushed the shutter button her images was embedded into my memory card. One look at the photo I had just created and I was hooked. I needed more…  And suddenly two hours was just not enough…  I wanted to capture everything, her femininity, her softness, her essence… Luckily Danielle was well prepared for it, she brought enough changes of cloth to keep me guessing and wanting more. Her mom patiently followed us around carrying all sort of pants, shirts and dresses. Silently observing her oldest child record a momentum of her life.
One look at the photo and I was hooked. Her posing was just incredible every pose she made her own putting attitude and personality into it. Click, click, and click every frame perfect. It was like photographer’s candy land.  Danielle and Kimberly  THANK YOU so much for such a fun time.

Here is what Peter had to do to get the picture above....

awww this is so sweet Danielle and her mom... They look so much alike!

Here's one of our favorites with Danielle her boyfriend Zack...we just love the look on her face :)

Here is my angle....

And Peter's angle...

Medford High school senior photographers

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