Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Urge - personal

Today I got this crazy urge to eat a hamburger with fries and chocolate malt, which is really odd because normally I’m not a burger person. Nothing against them, I don’t want to sound un-American or anything.  But for some reason today I just had this craving and it needed to be satisfied (No, mom I am not pregnant!).
Peter being the wonderful husband that he is, drove me and my camera down to Jimmy’s classic drive-in. And I say me and my camera because lately I have this “obsession” with our new 85 mm f 1.2 lens; I just love it, love it love it!
So once in there I wanted to freeze the moment, I mean how often do I have an immense urge to eat a burger really? The following photos resulted from an attempt to a self-portrait. First we tried taking it by stretching our arms as far out as we could. Sadly our arms were not long enough for the lens to focus.  Then we used the counter as a tripod, with Peter’s wallet underneath the lens to prop it up and set the timer which didn’t yield very flattering images either.  Could we have asked someone to take our picture? Probably, but would it had been as entertaining? Doubt it :)

believe it or not this was the best shot, aside from half of Peter's head being cut off...

Now his head is in the shot but we'll just let the photo explain itself,

here is my attempt at the Marilyn Monroe look

some one is just a little camera monster!

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