Monday, December 13, 2010


Today is one of those days; I’m sitting in front of my computer looking out the window into the grey sky, the naked tree branches sway from one side to the other and I’m feeling rather uninspired. I glance at my computer screen only to find the blank word document that I opened half an hour ago staring back. I had hoped that some how it was filled with a wonderful blog post for today, but it’s not. Instead it reminds me that I better get to work if I want to have this ready for today. I reluctantly reach for the keyboard wondering if anybody really cares weather I blog or not. Does this blog even get read?  

In retrospective it started as a medium to document our quest as we follow our dream, to document raw emotions: such as fears, doubts and joy. This blog stands as a reminder that it is ok to fall, as long as you get up again, and that passion can fuel a fire. So I guess whether it gets read or not should not be so important to me, but it is. I feel like when you are opening your heart to someone and they are quiet, no sign of what they might be thinking, no acknowledging nods, nothing.  Suddenly you feel exposed and start to wonder if you should stop talking, are they listening? Do they even care?  

That’s the way I feel sometimes about this blog. I’m putting myself out there and it makes me feel exposed. I wonder what people think, are they listening? Do they care? Do they understand me?  So if you are reading this blog give me a hint that you are out there. Leave a comment or a smiley face, anything to let me know I’m not talking to an empty room. I would sure appreciate to know that at least someone cares.


  1. Yes I hear you.and enjoy your posts.This weather has a tendency to take the ump out of our sails.Makes me want to grab a blanket and cuddle up on the couch.I would rather see snow that this dark dreary weather.but your right we need to pull ourselfs out of this funk and get into the holiday spirit.Wishing you both a Merry Christmas.I really need to order some pictures from you soon before Christmas.Send me your phone number again so I don't have to ask Love, SHeri

  2. I hear you loud and clear. I totally understand about today. I felt the same way today at work!! I must be the weather or the stress and fun that comes with the holidays. Or the fact that I am not done with my Christmas shopping and normally I am done. Oh well, I love reading your blogs and look forward to reading the next adventure in this thing we call be continued right?? Any ways, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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