Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So here we go, my first blog post since we started blogging (I should say since Kenya started blogging).  So there we were, relaxing on the sofa looking through some old photo albums from my bachelor days when Kenya asked me, "What is it with you and landscape photography? Why do you like it so much?" Which of course brought forth a plethora of more questions. I think Kenya could beat a 5-year old in a question asking contest (:

Anyways, back to the story. As I stopped to think of the reason, memories of all my "adventures" came flooding back to me, the reasons I started taking pictures in the first place. A good friend of mine and I loved the outdoors- hiking, mountain biking, back packing, rock climbing, and he always brought along his old Canon Rebel G film camera to record it (which he still has!). After seeing some of the first photos of our "adventures" come back from the lab I knew I had to try my hand at this photography thing too. The rest is history.

So what makes me crazy enough to carry twenty pounds of metal and glass (expensive glass too, I might add) to unreachable places? It is reinvigorating and refreshing. Not lugging all that equipment around, but being out there and taking in all the creative beauty. I don't believe that we were made to live in a concrete landscape, I mean, why else are we so attracted to greenery and nature? Although words can't fully describe it, it is the sense of clarity and peace, and when I look through my old albums I am transported back to that very moment. Every time it makes me smile with fondness as I relive the "adventures" and the stunning scenery that accompanied them. Oh yeah, I'm kind of a gear-geek and fiddling with all that equipment to get "the shot" is kinda cool too (; 

        But the story doesn't end there, so tune in next week (if I don't forget to blog) for part two....


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