Friday, December 10, 2010


Peter, make sure you spell proof my blog post before you go, I need to post it, I told Peter as I walked out of the office. I should have known better than to trust him. A few minutes later he was on his way out. Did you spell proof it?  I asked. Yeah it’s ready, he answered already out the door.  So I posted the blog, only to realize his spelling is as bad as mine (ok maybe not quite as bad). At least I have an excuse, English is my second language. Peter not so much.  Needless to say I was mortified when someone pointed it out.  Which lead to a round of Kisses and Disses. Next time you see me spell something wrong, know it is probably Peter’s fault.

This Week’s DISSES go to:
* Husbands that can’t spell proof
* Laundry, I hate all that folding
* Unfriendly cashiers

This week’s KISSES go to:
* Chinese food, love that four season restaurant
* Boots, they make me look so stylish and keep me so warm
* Infomercials, they can be quite entertaining

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