Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I find it rather odd that wedding photographers are among the last vendors a bride will hire. I can’t help but to wonder, because photography is such an important part of my life. It is hard to imaging not having photos to remember precious moments by. The real value of photographs is much more than what money can ever buy. I think of my childhood photos, and the old, yellow and decaying photos of my grandfather and I get a bit nostalgic.  He passed away a few years ago and it was like a piece of me died with him. He was my hero. When I look at his pictures I’m taken back in time and I feel like I could almost touch him. Memories flood my mind and I can hear his deep and tired voice as if he was talking to me.  If I ever lost those pictures I would be heartbroken.  And if somebody told me they could bring them back for a certain amount of money, I would pay it with out giving it a second thought. Yet sometimes we are reluctant to pay someone to create those images that we will treasure forever…for example, our wedding pictures.

 I look through our album quite often. Every time, it takes me back to that day. The excitement, the nervousness and the happiness I felt are recorded in those images. They tell my wedding story over and over again, yet every time I look at them it’s as if it has just happened. I just fall in love with my husband all over again and I’m overtaken by joy. I say this at the risk of sound dumb, cliché or wishy-washy but it’s truly how I feel. Again, if I lost these pictures due to some unfortunate event I would be devastated. If I could buy them back I would in heart beat.

So if you are a bride out there, a wedding photographer should be one of the top priorities. I’m saying this because before being a photographer I too was a bride. A bride with a budget… I know you want your day to be perfect, from the flowers, to the cake, and the dress.  But just think, what will you have left when the flowers wither, the cake is gone and the dress is tucked away in a closet? What will you have to show?  Isn’t it your wedding photos?

I didn’t mean to make this post so long, but when I’m passionate abut something words just flow. Thank you for bearing with me. Best wishes on your wedding planning adventure.



  1. HI Kenya, For me it was not the cost of the photographer that took me so long to book it was finding the one that is the perfect fit and that will capture the pictures that will tell the story over and over again. I could not be any more pleased with my choice in photographers :) I cannot wait for my wedding and am looking forward to seeing what you and peter capture for us :)

  2. We are thrilled to be shooting your Wedding next September. The fact that you choose a photographer so ahead of time shows that it's sometime very important to you. Peter and I feel honored to be part of your big day!
    Thanks for your comment,I appreciate knowing someone out there reads this blog :)


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