Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Peter tells me I’m too loud, he says I yell when I talk. I don’t believe him, maybe because I’m Mexican and it’s just what we do. I grew up surrounded by three sisters, 4 cats and a dog, 31 cousins, 11 aunts and uncles and way too many second cousins to count. It was madness. We all talked at the same time and the only way to be heard was simply to be the loudest.  Believe it or not I wasn’t always the winner.
So I guess I had never realized how loud I really am until a couple days ago when Peter said I’m right next to you why are you yelling? I figured Peter being an only child made him develop super sonic ears. So I was quick to reply, but when I opened my mouth my throat was sore. You know like when you are at a concert and you sing and scream all night and it feels like you just might loose your voice? Yeah, that’s exactly what it felt like.
And then I proceeded to blame my mom for my boisterous way of speaking…


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