Monday, November 1, 2010

Grants Pass High School Senior : Mark

Sometimes nature has a way of messing with your plans, but this time, I don’t think it knew who it was messing with. I’ll have you know Peter and I are pretty determined, especially when it comes to photography.  

You see, we have this ongoing argument with the weather. Every time we have a photo shoot, we spend days watching the light, looking at the weather forecast and doing our no-rain dance. It usually works rather well but Wednesday we were tricked. That’s right Internet we were tricked...It seem like a nice cloudy day with no rain (which is the best kind of weather you can wish for if you are a photographer).

So off we went on our shoot. We had just started when little drops of water started falling from the sky. And from then on it was sprinkling on and off.

 Mark was so fabulous; He didn’t complain about the liquid sunshine once, even though his guitar was getting a free bath. Speaking of which, I was so amazed how talented he is, he taught himself how to play!  Isn’t he awesome?

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