Monday, November 29, 2010


The tempting aroma of scrumptious food lingered in the air. Our photo shoot had just started and my stomach was already twisting and turning hoping to get at least a taste of such food. The fragrance carried me through the session. As soon as it was over I was on a mission to find the place with the divine smell. Relying on our olfactory senses Keyla, Peter and I tracked it down.  It was coming from Sesame Asian Kitchen, a picturesque restaurant across the street from Lithia Park. After a hard day’s work we sat down together to enjoy a fabulous meal.
 I know I said it before but it’s worth repeating. Ashland is my favorite little town. ever. It almost feels like stepping into a whole different world. The charming buildings provide amazing photo opportunities. If you are thinking of getting portraits done, I’m telling you right now, Ashland is THE place to go. 
Here are some photos from our totally epic adventure.


don't even ask, we are just weird

good beer and good food and...

... amazing dessert. Love the mochis

apparently I'm not the only one                                                              

Peter trying out Keyla's favorite pose...way hot 

yes, I actually wear that hat in public, oh, I'm hopeless

my husband needs help...


it takes two to tango...
...unless you're Peter

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