Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A year ago was the birth of an idea that turned into a dream, which became a reality. Peter and I had been married for six months and it seemed like we were at a cross roads in our lives. What would we do with our future? Should we stay in the area or should we move? Should we continue the path we were in or should we take a different road?

So many options, so many questions, and so little answers…In the midst of confusion we found refuge in photography. Peter had been a photography enthusiast for many years, and I had yet to uncover my love for this art.   I learned everything I know from him. Peter’s passion and talent led me to imagine a world of possibilities.  I took a look at his landscape images and I said to him you know, you could probably sell some of these…

From then on we started flirting with the idea of making a living at it…but we quickly dismissed it. That is until one of his good friends asked us to shoot his wedding.  We felt very flattered but at the same time very apprehensive about it. We didn’t know what to expect, we had no experience. All we had were a couple of 5Ds, a set of pro zoom lenses and the willingness to make it work.

The thrill, the rush and the excitement were unbelievable…  There was no going back after that, we fell in love. We got our business license and built a portfolio. While we were in Mexico doing missionary work, we also put together our website, a business plan and marketing material.  We have been back for six months working hard to make a name for ourselves… Finally it’s looking like the idea that turned into a dream has become a reality. 


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