Tuesday, October 19, 2010


``Check it out, we are in the paper! I excitedly told my sister as I pointed at the highlighted words in last Monday’s newspaper.

It read “They have already booked the Rock’n R Ranch in O’brien for the festivities, Natural Style Photography to commemorate the event and Sights & Sounds Unlimited for multimedia services."

 Then I even did my happy dance, because, well, that’s what people do when they are excited. Except my sister stared, trying to figure out if I had completely gone mad or I was having a seizure.

So I had to pause my little celebration to explain to her the implications of it all. For months Peter and I had been dreaming of taking the industry by storm and now it seemed like we were doing just that.  It wasn’t only the fact that our named was in the paper: it implied much more. Our name is beginning to be linked to quality. People are talking about us and we are busier then ever.

After my heart felt speech, we both broke out into an episode of happy dancing…

Congratulations to Kristle & Ryan for your appearance in the paper! We are thrilled to be shooting your wedding next July.

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