Friday, October 22, 2010


I had an epiphany… While I was tearing into my box of cereal I looked over and I happened to see Peter’s box of cereal sitting at the counter. It was perfectly shut, like it had never been open at all. I quickly looked down at the box in my hands; I had ripped open the top of the box, and I frantically tried to stuff the bag into the box.  I laughed, and then I took a picture and showed Peter.

What do you see? I asked

He looked at the screen and then looked at me with a grin

You and Me…

It’s the things that make us different that I love. The way his shoes are neatly organized while mine are everywhere. The way he has to clean the top of condiments before he puts the lid on while I just leave them open. The way he has a to-do list and I just wing it. The way he thinks with his brain while I on other hand think with my heart. He is quiet and I’m loud.

It amazes me how two people can be so different from each other and yet be so in love. We complement each other perfectly. My weaknesses are his strengths. He is the other side of my brain.

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