Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Extravaganza

What if no body wants to talk to us at our booth? What If we are standing there awkwardly and alone while everybody else is sharing their amazing product with prospective client? What if our booth is the lamest booth in the history of lame booths?

My mind was racing a thousands miles a minute, it was our very first wedding fair, EVER! And as usual I was freaking out. You see I have a tendency of scaring my self out of doing things. Lucky for me I have Peter to remind me to breath and that everything will be okay. I  sometimes always envy Peter’s ability to stay calm even through the toughest situations.

As usual he was right; there was nothing to worry about. We enjoyed meeting all the engage couples in the area and getting a little glimpse of their love and excitement. I was thrill to be there... But what I enjoyed the most was meeting some amazingly talented people in this industry and their passion for what they do. 


every little detail was beautifully plan out

Sherri from Your Wedding Connection did an amazing job making this wedding extravaganza happen

 There was even life models dressed up in wedding attire!

By far my favorite booth was the one with the chocolate fountain by All About Parties


  1. Who made that bouquet in the last photo?

  2. It was done by Nicole from Jane Productions. Here is a link to her site if you want to check them out!


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