Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am married the most amazing man in the world. Sometimes I really wonder how he puts up with me. I can be pretty obnoxious from time to time. Like the other night for example, all he wanted to do was finish our nightly reading. I on the other hand wanted to be difficult. 

“Can you please just read your part”- he patiently asked

“But I burned my arm” I said to him pointing at the dark brown spot that was left behind from attempting to bake a pizza. I had made that my excuse for everything lately.

“Kenya, please…” He begged me with his sleepy eyes. I sighed and began reading, with a British accent of course, or as close to a British accent as a Mexican gets. Then when he tried to point out words I had skipped in my reading, I simply replied:

“But… it is my British accent” and cynically laughed. Peter rolled his eyes at me

“You don’t think I’m funny, do you?” I proceeded in my British accent.
No reply…

“Well, I happen to think I am very funny” I told him and continued my broken reading. He took a good look at me, probably wondering why he had married such a hot mess.

“What?” I asked

“You are acting like a five year old”

“No I’m not, you are just jealous ‘cuz I’m way funnier than you are”

At that point I realized how much of a pain I can be and wondered how Peter could put up with me. If I was him I would have divorced me by now. I am the most fortunate girl in the world to be married to him.


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