Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I never dreamed of becoming a photographer, it wasn’t part of the plan. To be honest I never considered myself a creative person. In school I was the kind of kid that would rather take a writing class than art (which you can probably tell by my awesome spelling skills).  I remember sitting in class with nothing but a pencil and a notebook as my companions; I was the only one taking writing as an elective. Can you say dork? I would rather write a report than draw anything.

     In a way I was confused about the word “creative”. In my mind “creative” people were the ones with amazing artistic talent, the kids that could paint like Picasso, the one that always had fresh innovating ideas for their project. I was not that that kid. So I thought: I must not be “creative”. No one ever told me otherwise, I was allowed to believe I had a lack of creativity. I find it funny now that I think about it because those writing classes I chose to take were “creative writing” classes.  Creativity existed within me but in a different form than I had imagined. Writing was my passion as a kid. It was a way to escape into a fictional world. I loved creating characters and making their stories come to life, but photography was never part of the plan.

     With his camera Peter showed me a world of possibilities and I traded my pencil and notebook for a camera and a lens. My passion is still telling stories, but now I do it from behind the lens. I am a memory catcher. I am a photographer. I am creative.  I dare you to do what you love and inspire others along the way.
Photography was never part of my plan yet here I am doing what inspires me and hoping to inspire others….


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