Monday, January 17, 2011


I had been sick for about 4 days straight, I was getting a little stir crazy, and both Kenya and I were dyin' to get out and shoot. You could say we both had an itch on our trigger finger. I feel sooo cool when I say that, but Kenya just thinks I'm a dork. As much as it kills me to admit it, she's probably right-(just don't tell her I said so). 

Any how, I was feeling better Saturday afternoon so we loaded up some gear (yes! gear!), picked up Kenya's sister Ailin, and headed out in search of a cool location (hopefully dry). After about 1/2 hour of driving back and forth we finally found "the" spot, much to the dismay of Ailin. It took a little persuasion but we finally convinced her this really would be an awesome spot, and started setting up.

Kenya's sisters are like our own little guinea pigs that we perform all sorts of photographic experiments with. We love our little guinea pigs! In 2010 all of our sessions were done using only available or ambient light and we only broke out the flashes for like 10 minutes at the end of two sessions because there simply was not enough ambient.

So, you guessed it! Time to REFINE "NSP" (that means "Natural Style Photography" :)  If you don't say each letter like N, S, P but instead you pronounce "NSP" out loud 4 times in a row (as if it was a sound,  like nsp nsp nsp nsp) it kind of sounds like a sick techno beat! Yeah, I know, I'm a dork.

Enough rambling. Basically we have some really awesome lighting equipment and we are going to REFINE our style using everything we got this season, bringing it all to the plate. We feel it is going to give our clients the most bang for their buck (and the best photos too!).

So here are a few of our first results using some of that awesome gear:

This is how I felt getting to use some new gear!

One of my favorites

Ailin is laughing at my funny jokes ;)

Kenya's not sure, but there is something about this shot that she really likes.

Grants Pass and Medford High School Senior Photographer

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