Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kisses & Disses: Stardom + Veggie Burgers

I used to dream of being a singer. That is until I realized I take after my mother's singing abilities.Sigh. Pretty tragic. There is of course no need to say how much Peter loves my singing. Especially when I sing the wrong lyrics to top it all off. It makes him cringe. This being said, I was singing Rose to the top of my lungs while working on my computer...

sometimes life is like a river tada da da da... sometimes life is like a river tada da da da. And so it continued for a few minutes.  From the corner of my eye I could see Peter trying to bite his tongue. After the fifth time singing the wrong lyrics he cracked under the pressure. LOVE SOMETIMES LOVE. 

the song, sometimes love it is a river
you mean I've been singing it wrong all this time?

Story of my life. Which leads into this week's kisses and disses.

This Week's Disses go to:

- People that don't appreciate my singing (a.k.a. Peter).
- Genes, they tend to be rather unfair

This Week's Kisses go to:

+ Summer, about time it got here!
+ My sister, for graduating last week.
+ Veggie burgers, there not half as bad as they sound. Really.

In honor of my singing career here is the real song with lyrics if you want to check it out...some say life is like a river tada dada dad

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