Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Wait, you lived here most of your life and you never been to a First Friday? I asked him in disbeliefe. I had been hinting about first Friday for a while. After all, I lived in Grants Pass for three years and never been to one. Shame on me I know, but that was about to change this Friday.

I felt like a teenager getting ready for a party. I had “nothing” to wear. “Where is my purple shirt?” I whined as a frantically searched through my drawers. “Maybe if your clothes were organized you could find it” Peter replied. I turned around and gave him the ‘look’ to let him know his smart remark was unwelcome. Not finding my purple shirt and running out of time I simply threw on what ever I could find and off we went.

Music filled Sixth Street. The soft rhythm beat of the congas was my favorite, I wanted to start dancing right then and there, but to Peter’s relief I controlled myself. After walking up and down the streets visiting galleries and cute shops my stomach was threatening to start a music show all of its own.

We were surprised to find Rosso’s open. Peter and I had our fist date that wasn’t a date there. There was no better way to end our evening than relieving our first unofficial date.


Chocolate Strawberry, yum!

This is the face of a girl who really likes chocolate

Isn't my hubby cute?

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